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(1) Notes for submission

On-line-submission: from March 10, 2020, our journal only receives online contributions. Please log in to the official website( of Journal of Capital Normal University (Natural Science Edition) when submitting paper.

Download the "letter of introduction and authorization" before submission, fill in it, take photos or scan it and save it as an electronic document, and submit it to the submission system together with the original. The articles hired by the editorial department shall be provided with the first service of China HowNet, i.e. they can be consulted on CNKI within 5 working days after the recruitment. Please choose when need.

When submitting a manuscript, you must promise that there is no content in the manuscript that infringes the copyright or other rights of others; there is no more than one manuscript. When submitting, it must indicate whether the manuscript has been published in a non-public publication, or has been communicated in an academic conference, or has been published in other languages (only with the consent of the first published journal can the manuscript be submitted). These three cases do not belong to one draft and two submissions.

All papers in this journal will not be charged with the fee of manuscript review and layout. Once published, you will be paid according to the regulations, and will be presented to journals as gifts. The remuneration paid includes the remuneration to be paid after the publication of paper media, network, database, CD and other media.

(2) Writing requirements

1. Title *: in the middle, try to be concise and eye-catching, reflect the theme of the article, try not to use abbreviations, generally no more than 20 words. If the project is supported by various fund projects, mark "*" in the upper right corner of the title and "* project name (number)" at the foot.

2. Author: in the middle; if there are multiple authors and they belong to different units, use "1, 2,..." Make corner notes; if it is necessary to mark the corresponding author, mark "*" in the upper right corner, and mark "* corresponding author: email" at the foot. The author's name shall be listed in order under the title. The order shall be discussed and determined by all the authors before submission, and no further changes shall be made after submission. In case of any change, the unit certificate and the written certificate signed by all the authors without objection shall be presented. The author should have the following four conditions at the same time: (1) participate in the topic selection and design, or participate in the analysis and interpretation of materials; (2) draft or modify the key theories or other main contents of the paper; (3) review with reference to the revision opinions of the editorial Department, answer the academic questions, and finally agree with the publisher of the paper; (4) in addition to being responsible for my research contributions, the same as Italy is responsible for the integrity of all aspects of the research work. Those who only participate in obtaining funds or collecting data should not be listed as authors, nor should they be listed as authors only for general management of scientific research groups. Other contributors to the study should be included in the "acknowledgement" section after the text.

3. Author's unit, postal code, city: in the middle; non provincial capital city should be marked with the name of province or autonomous region.

4. Chinese Abstract: the word "abstract" has the left top grid (for the following items without explanation, the left top grid is used); generally, the report summary is used, and the report / indicative summary at least includes the purpose and conclusion.

5. Chinese key words: List 3-8 key words according to the key content of the article.

6. Classification no. of Chinese Library: refer to the classification code obtained in the classification of Chinese library, and adopt the mixed number of English letters and Arabic numerals.

7. DOI No.: prepared by the editorial department.

8. Body: 0 Introduction: summarize the research background, purpose, research ideas, theoretical basis, research methods, expected results and significance, etc., and appropriately quote the literature. 1. Chapter title: chapter and section titles shall be concise, concise and accurate, generally no more than 15 words. Section 1.1 Title: there is a space between section title and main body; if the main body is the column description with serial number, it should be arranged separately; if section 1.1 has to be divided into sections, it is "section 1.1.1 title"; generally, there is no section at level 4. (1) Title: description of items in the first level (if any); 2 words from time and space shall be arranged separately; when there is a title, the title shall be followed by a full stop at the end of the title and the text.

9. Chart: "Table 1, table title" and "figure 1, chart title", arranged in the middle; the quantity and unit in the subject and column adopt the standardized form of "quantity / unit". The picture must be clear (the appropriate size of 600 DPI TIF format chart, or editable vector chart), and try to choose color picture. Put the figure number and title under the figure. Table, this magazine uses three line table (top line, head line, bottom line), if necessary, can add auxiliary dotted line. Put the table number and the table title on the table. If the data units in the table are all the same, they can be written uniformly on the right side of the top line of the table. If there are notes or instructions, write them on the left under the bottom line of the table. The repeated words or data in the table cannot be represented by "the same as before", "the same as left", etc. they must be written out repeatedly. Do not repeat the same content in tables and figures. Try to avoid repeating the data in tables and figures. The length and width of single column row shall not exceed 7.5cm, and that of general column row shall not exceed 15cm.

10. Acknowledgment: if any, the object of acknowledgment shall be marked at the end of the article

11. References: the number should be no less than 20, and unpublished information should not be quoted. Bibliographic description this journal adopts the rule of sequential coding system, adding [] in the quotation place of the text according to the quotation order, and adding [] in addition to the serial number in the description after the text. Description shall be in strict accordance with GB / t7714-2015; the description format in the reference list is as follows:

[journal] [Serial No.] author (after the first name of a foreigner, the first name abbreviation, omitting the abbreviation point. "; above 3 people, only the first 3 people are listed, followed by the word" etc.). Title [J]. Journal name (abbreviated in foreign language, omitting the abbreviation point. "), year, volume number (issue No.): start stop page number (if there is no volume number in a journal, it is:" year (issue No.): start stop page number ")

[monograph] [serial number] author. Title [M]. Edition (the first edition is not written). Place of publication: publishing unit, year of publication: start to end page number

[conference proceedings] [Serial No.] author. Title [C] / / main editor of the proceedings. Title of the works. Edition (not written in the first edition). Place of publication: publishing unit, year of publication: start to end page number

[Degree Thesis] [serial number] author. Title [D]. City of degree awarding unit: degree awarding or thesis publishing unit, year: page number of citation

[patent] [serial number] patent applicant or owner. Patent title: Patent No. [P]. Publication date or publication date [reference date]

[standard] [serial number] main responsible person. Standard No. standard name [S]. Place of publication: publisher, year of publication

[online literature] [serial number] author. Title [EB / OL]. Date of update or modification [reference date]. Access path. Digital object unique identifier (DOI)

12. English Title: English title should not exceed 10 real words. Try not to use abbreviations. All real words are capitalized and prepositions are lowercase.

13. Author: Chinese Pinyin name, last name in all capitals, first letter in capitals, no "-" between two names, such as Ma Tiantian.

14. Author's address: corresponding to Chinese author unit.

15. Abstract: corresponding to Chinese abstract. It is suggested to use the third person, keep the tense consistent, and use the normal present or past tense.

16. Keywords: corresponding to Chinese keywords.

For the unknown, please refer to the published article format of Journal of Capital Normal University (Natural Science Edition).